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Why Drop Shadow is Necessary for Photo

Why Drop shadow is Need

Drop shadow service is the most important one among the many image editing service for display purpose. Eight out of ten pictures look pretty bad and unordinary in their general clumsy, divulged and wild structure. This kind of images needs image editing service to enhance their quality. Among those image editing services, drop shadow is one of the basic and most important. With the use of drop shadow, we can create a 3D effect for that image which is pretty awesome. It makes the image more lively and vital.

But creating a shadow for an item requires many types of image editing methods. Some of them are:

  • Background removing
  • Colour adjustment
  • Clean agitation and diversion
  • Different shadow technique

Mostly any kinds of the display image of a product are created with the help of studio light and viewpoint. A picture requires perfect shadow and 3D effect. So that when we apply different types of editing like background remove, the product can keep its original characteristic.

What is Drop Shadow? 

In terms of graphic design, a drop shadow is an effect which can make illusions. With drop shadow, an image repeats itself in a way that it creates a floating effect over its background. A drop shadow is the manipulation of light source that comes from different directions to create a 3D effect.

We can manipulate the images as much as we can. By keeping the beauty of the image, we can create any types to enhance the effectiveness of the picture like tall, small or even flat shadow. We can also reduce the distance of the shadow. It's also possible to spread the shadow from the original image.

Drop shadow in real-time images:

Photography is all about tweaking with light and shadow. It is the most critical photography. Shadow may seem non-essential but remember light exists because of shadow. The importance of shadow can be shadowed under light, but it is a crucial entity just like light. To reach the full potential of photography, one must master the technique of using shadow just like light. There are lots of reason that shadow is relevant for real-time pictures as well as eCommerce product pictures.

Contrast and drama: The best use of drop shadow is to make a dramatic effect by creating contrast. Viewers will automatically be drawn to areas with high tonal effect. But we can't create a high tonal effect without shadows. The light of sun pierce through the cloud can be a probable example.

Focus: People see what caught their attention first. Imagine a picture of a woman surrounding trees, blurry people, etc. What is the purpose of the image? The goal is to make the woman pretty and standout with the help of surround elements. This goal is called the focus. With shadow, we can eradicate useless detail. We can use shadow in part to enhance another.

Attention grabber: Shadow is a great directing tool in the picture. Shadow is also a part of the image, a part of the main elements of the image that is why a shadow will always have a shape. Since shadow has a form so it can point out or direct something. A shadow can surround an area of light that points to the centre.

Creating Form: A shadow can create different types of form of the same element. It generally involves the sun.

Most of all, images without proper shadow effect is considered an incomplete picture. Along with revealing form and texture, the shadow can create stories. 

Who uses this service? 

Drop shadow is essential for showing real-time any types of images. But among them, it is a perfect service to develop your online business.

For every eCommerce business, it is essential to display the products the best way possible. Your chance of selling depends upon the attractiveness of the product. So good looking picture is a must in an eCommerce business. Along with background removal and photo retouch, Drop shadow is equally essential to boost sale. But I think drop shadow is the best one because drop shadow can make a product lively by creating a 3D effect. Nothing can attract customer than a live image.

Why use Drop shadow?

Drop shadow has become a top-rated service for its artistic and universal appeal. There are many reasons to use drop shadow like enhancing texture and deepness:

  1. Adding white edges to picture
  2. Reducing the blur of the drop shadow
  3. Laying product shadow
  4. Create drop shadow behind the text
  5. Adjusting shadow behind any types of pictures
  6. Enhance darkness of the masked areas
  7. Trim edges
  8. Making 3D effect


An online shopping portal will not be able to survive without attractive and eye-catchy images. To make the pictures look attractive only photographer is not enough. We need image editing service, or we have to make it ourself. But doing individual and professional work will bring a different result. If the image can attract customer, then why not make it live. A 3D picture can double the sell easily since people tend to like 3D photos rather than lifeless 2D pictures. The best way to create 3D images is by using a drop shadow. 

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