Background Removal

In the Photoshop Clipping tutorial, we learned how to do clipping path around a subject of an image. Now We will find out how to make the background transparent selecting that clipping path to use the item in any design without its background but only the image. Alternatively, we will learn how to make the background pure white.

Original background to transparent background:

Clippig Path Tutorial 06

Select the Path 1 and press (e.g. command+click for Mac and Control+Click for Windows) to path. Now you can see the Path is kind of dot moving around the image means the Clipping Path is done accurately and selected.

Select the Layer menu+new+layer via copy as the below screenshot.

Clippig Path Tutorial 07

The image on the second transparent background layer.

Clippig Path Tutorial 08

You can save the file as a transparent layer in the .psd format. Or

Copy or create another layer in the same way.

 Adding pure white colour as a background need to be clicked to set the background colour from tools pallet.

Clippig Path Tutorial 09

Finally, save the image from the File menu to save. You will get options to select your file format. Choose the file format you need. For this tutorial, we decided .jpeg file format.

Clippig Path Tutorial 10

There will be another pop-up window "JPEG Options" keep the same settings (e.g. this option shows the quality of the image, you can change its quality) and just click the Ok button.

Clippig Path Tutorial 11

Clippig Path Tutorial 12

I hope, this very basic tutorial will help you to understand how to make a background purely white or transparent after clipping path. Nowadays E-commerce websites are mostly using the white background image of their product so you can try it as well. However, if you want us to do any Photoshop services for you, then you can send a Free Trial request. We will try our best to serve you.

Good Luck