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Image manipulation is done to create a full image

Image Manipulation or Ghost Mannequin Service

At Clipping Path Outsource, you will get many image processing services: these are photoshop clipping path, image masking, clipping mask, image retouching, image shading, and raster to vector conversion. Image manipulation is a unique service in photo editing or Photoshop services. We have many skilled professional graphic designers only to do manipulating tasks with pictures. Since image manipulation is a kind of creative work so the designer should be creative and our company gives surety that our graphic designers have experienced and capable of handling the image manipulation job. 

In recent year, neck joints in cloth items (T-shirt, ladies dress, etc.) become a fashion in an online shopping website. Explicitly, the photoshoot is taken in a mannequin or dummy. Because of these kinds of the stand, the clothes are not seen clearly all over the item and of course buyer will not spend money without justifying what they are going to buy. As a result, the photographer or individuals ask us to join the neck part to make the image as fully visible. In our experience, there is no substitute to enter manually. But do not worry CPO Experts will help you in this regards using Photoshop software. There are many types of image manipulation services in image processing field. For instance, you have an old black and white photograph, and you want to make the photo colourized. And it is possible using Photoshop software. We are committed to providing best photo manipulating service which you have never seen yet.

You cannot believe in our word, then please communicate with our team and feel free to ask whatever you want to know about image processing. We have many professional DTP (Desktop Publisher) Operators, and they are very skilled in manipulating your images since they have been working in this image processing area for more than a decade. We are open 24/7 hours so you can send your images overnight and in the morning you will see the completed files in your hand. In this circumstance, we do believe you will be impressed once you receive the manipulated image in a quick turnaround. Additionally, our team is sophisticated to provide quick delivery time. 

Benefits of Composing Images Through Creative Image Manipulation in Photoshop

Do you know images can talk? Yes, it’s true. Models have their language, which expresses every detail. Pictures speak louder than words. So what is image manipulation? This process makes the image look completely different from the original one.

Let’s Check Out The Types of Manipulations:

1. Replacement of Background:

Sometimes it happens that the image we take comes with a blur or unnecessary background. Keep in mind that the centre of attraction is your product, so keep it as focused as possible. By removing the distracting background will help the customer to look into the product.

2. Add new composition in the same background:

There are certain happy moments which happen in our life which we don’t want to miss. Sometimes situations arise, and we don’t get the time to be there. Even if we can’t be present there, we can show our presence with photo editing. Photo editing can easily add your one family member’s picture in another picture. You can make it by using Clipping Paths or hire a graphic designer, and you can easily make it happen.

3. Product’s shadow through Natural Shadow, Drop Shadow, and Reflection Shadow:

If you are worried about not having shadow your picture, then don’t worry. We know that on an eCommerce website, we need a perfect image for the display. The picture should be of high quality so that the film should be as if we are seeing in front of us.

  • Natural Shadow: A natural shadow should look natural as if the light has fallen upon the product’s image. This shadow can make using photoshop features.
  • Drop Shadow: It is a feature of Photoshop that used for creating the shadow. You have to be more expertise in using this feature.
  • Reflection Shadow: If you want to create the shadow on a glossy area, then this is the perfect shadow feature to use. Almost all the eCommerce websites, e-catalogues, printed magazines use this feature to enhance the product. 
  • Raster to Vector effects: In Adobe Illustrator, you can give the Raster to Vector effects. You can get the live trace procedure of the illustrator. It is a fact that the hand-made raster to vector effects can provide more realistic and original outputs.

Image Manipulation Services as a Makeup Service

Have you ever imagined how your favourite celebrity looks beautiful? Sometimes we want to look like them because they look near to perfect. Here are how they enhance their beauty a little bit more through Photoshop.

  • Body parts or face reconstruction
  • Removal of wrinkles and facial lines to reduce the age. 
  • Removal of hairs.
  • Smoothing of the skin.
  • Removal of blemishes
  • Colour and red-eye correction
  • Face lifting and dental repairing
  • Weight reduction effects

From the above, you now know how your favourite celebrities look perfect in pictures. The world of photo editing software has made life more comfortable. The technology needs image manipulation services to bring the world to front. It has given the graphic designers to prove themselves with their skills.

Top 15 Best Image Manipulation Tips For Beginners

We have heard about image manipulation and all how we can change the whole look of an image. Who knows better about image manipulation than an e-commerce seller? What can help in better images of the products, like to erase the unwanted backgrounds, or blurred images, to enhance the colours of the picture?

I know the entire perfectionist out there knows everything about Photoshop and its photo editing ideas. But what about our beginners who are going to be perfectionists one day? Who is for all those future perfectionists out there.

Let’s start:

Just pour your ideas into Photo Manipulations:

1. We all have that creative bulb inside our head that lights upon our unique designs.

2. See, every artist has a different way of modifying an image. Remember, it all starts with a basic idea. Just write down your thoughts.

3. You will think about what kind of ideas I am giving you. But for every significant step, it is a crucial step.

4. Take out anything, like paper, napkin, or your phone to write down the ideas.

5. If you want to create an image manipulation for the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs, then may you will write: Snow white and dwarfs

  • Colourful forest
  • A beautiful palace
  • Magical mirror
  • Moody dwarfs

6. I am just giving you an example. I only notice how I have mentioned the moods and visuals I needed. For every artist, it is indispensable to have thinking power. Just think that’s it.

7. By listing out, I focus on the ideas which I have written and not divert my mind somewhere else. That’s why to write down your thoughts. It helps to remind you about your plans.

Use of Thumbnails:

8. Keep in mind that thumbnail drawings are as simple and easy as kids drawing.

9. Draw your thumbnails, just like any artist of any creative level, can understand it quickly and only your shapes and lines.

10. Why is there a need to understand thumbnail drawing? It is to give you an understanding of the general layout of the composition. It will be better for you too, as well.

Images for Image Manipulations:

11. Now you have your base ready. You have thought of your idea.12. It has done the thumbnails. Look for the pictures in the right stock.

13. There are a lot of great resources to find high-quality images for your masterpiece.

14. Try to do the things mentioned. No one in the world has become an artist in one day.

15. It takes days and years to be one of them. Only those succeed who have the patience to do.

Sample of Image Manipulation or Ghost Mannequin 

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