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As like other photo editing services, background removal service from the image is vital for publishers either online or in print media. The following paragraph describes the background removal service in details.



What is the Background Removal Service?

So, Background removal service of any images means to cut out the original background of the photos so that we can use any colour of background according to our needs. The required colour might be one or multi-colour as a background. It gives us the freedom that whatever colour we like to use, we can put as a background of the image.

Why is background removal service needed?

When we have the option to remove background from the image that increases our probability to choose any colour as a background of the image, nowadays, most of the world largest e-commerce website such as Amazon, eBay, Taobao, Walmart, Alibaba, Flipkart, NewEgg, etc., requires mostly the product on white background. As a web design perspective, it looks fantastic and also can be seen the product instead of posting online the product on its original background image when we talk about the original background that means the backdrop of an image while the photoshoot has been taken.

Who needs background removal services?

It is a little bit hard to say who needs background removal services. A person may want to remove their picture background or companies dealing with many images per day and post online for selling their products. So, here comes how to remove the background of their products. If you know about drawing clipping path using Pen Tool in Photoshop, then you can do yourself or get bits of help from online automatic removal software. We are talking about how to do background removal using Photoshop Pen Tool because this is the only best way to do the clipping path which is drawn around the edge of the subject in the image and select the image smoothly. Finally, the products will be usable in any colour background.

How to remove a background from an image?

There are some automatic software or plugin to remove the background from the image (only human), but still, they are not precise to get the details, especially for hair or fur area. Even the automatic method cannot detect products. From our experience, only photoshop can give the 100% background removal result for photo editing services.

To remove the background using photoshop, we select the pen tool and draw the path around the edge of the image by creating anchor points and then joint the last path. Now the clipping path around the subject is selectable without harming or damaging the product details, and the background is removed. Later any colour of background can be used. So, how can we guarantee that the details of the product? Well, when we do the clipping path, we zoom the image approximately 300-400 percent. Therefore, the details of the edge have seen, and hand-made clipping path is done and clipped. As a result, nothing is missing from the original product when the cut-out image display in 100% on the eCommerce web stores. Since mostly the photos are posted in eCommerce, we do clipping path onto the white background. Its also reduces the size of the image but keep the quality. Also, it helps to browse the products very quickly even the low-speed brand-wide internet.

Is there any automatic background removal software?

There might be some tools, but until now, none of the automatic software can bring complete background removal.

Who can handle thousands of photos of background removal service within time?

Well, you already know how to remove background from image, but it is not good enough to handle for a person to do a clipping path or clipping mask to removal background. Besides, it would be best if you also had the practice of using the Pen tool in Photoshop to isolate the background from its existing by doing Clipping Path. Moreover, for masking, it is a more advanced Photoshop technique which requires skill and time. Therefore, you can look to the outsourcing companies who are handling thousands of images per day and also experienced in this background removal services. Consequently, you can save your valuable time and money; instead, you can focus on your business goal.

We are a medium-large photo-editing company and can complete thousands of images of doing clipping path or masking. The most benefit you will receive from us that we are available 24 hours, so wherever you are from you can contact us.

How much does it cost for background removal services?

Image editing services from developing countries such as India, Bangladesh, are very cheap at a glance. However, all of the companies may not provide you outstanding quality services on time. So, you have to think before you invest your money on them moreover, the reasonable price for taking background removal services from them. That is why I would suggest the investor, please get some free trial done before the agreement and then check out the price list.

We provide both free trial services and reasonable price list for any background removal services, and then we agree with clients. We believe that gives our client confident and feel secure with making a long-time outsourcing partner for image editing services.

Examples of isolating original background and put a white background:

Background Removal Sample Background Removal Service Image

Background Removal Drop Shadow Clipping Path Service

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