About Clipping Path Outsource

Clipping Path Outsource is an offshore outsourcing company that provides photoshop editing services such as the clipping path to remove the background. We provide image editing services everywhere in the world over the internet. We are highly experienced in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, with artwork and image optimization services. It is because most of us completed a diploma degree in Graphic Design from the reputed institution in Bangladesh. Also, we recruit graduate students and train them, make them a professional graphic designer.

A team of experienced and well-trained support executives provide 24x7 email, skype assistance to its clients and to ensure that their services are always available to their end customers. Our excellency in image editing services on time and budget has placed customer trust, and we are dedicatedly serving our clients. CPO has received many awards nationwide. We are a medium-sized outsourcing firm in Bangladesh and growing exponentially.

The team will provide a useful edit to extend its outsource and disseminate its output. Clients to the CPO website will be able to access up-to-date services and picture editing activities. The site will allow two free trial images for client satisfaction. CPO will be obliged for any suggestions towards the improvement of your projects. We focus our client relationship and comfort to build up our brand in online media and market places. We get the client value, their policy, the job delivery deadline, and then make plans for our production supervision.

The world is changing day by day. We are to improve ourselves to expected changes. Daily activities are progressing the better quality what expect client at a reasonable price. We believe experience in advanced technology usage such as Adobe Photoshop CC-2020 and long-time work experience of all staff of the Company. We do photoshop task every day that makes us perfect in clipping path to all photo retouching service. We look forward to continuing the path of success.

Leadership Team

NitaiCEO, CTO & Managing Director: Nitai Roy is the CEO and founder of Clipping Path Outsource. He founded CPO Experts in 2012 after working in the IT/Graphic design industry for many years. Mr. Roy, along with a dedicated team of colleagues, has helped to establish Clipping Path Outsource into a major solution provider in the image editing industry. Under his leadership, the CPO Experts has expanded its footprints globally. He played vital responsibilities in the development of excellent customer relationships, ensuring flexibility in response to an increasingly demanding marketplace.

An engineering graduate, Mr. Roy achieved an M.Sc in CS from the University of Ulm, Germany, and a B.Sc in CSE from Dhaka International University, Bangladesh. He also earned a diploma certificate in Graphic Design course. He is recognized as an expert in the photoshop image editing/ IT services that bring value to the clients. His goals and vision made today the CPO Experts, acquired an important place in the Photoshop image processing industries.







Ex-Chairman: Mr Gopal Roy: has died on April 30, 2021. We are heartbroken. Please know that you're in our thoughts and prayers—our sincerest condolences for an incredibly great loss. We'll never forget your contribution, honestly, hardworking, inspiration, motivation to stay alive and serve humanity. Especially your contribution to the family will never be forgotten.







proshantoGeneral Manager: Proshanta Kumar Roy is the General Manager of CPO Experts. His responsibilities encompass supervising daily business activities, enhance business strategy, maintaining budgets. We try to finish all orders within 24 hours or expected time, so it is the commitment of each team leader, quality controller to complete any orders in time, and assured the quality editing of the images. By heart, the GM is friendly with employees, but no compromise with giving the best quality services to the clients.

We are an internet-based photoshop related service provider among many competitors. We guarantee high-quality editing services and incredibly low price per photoshop image treatment. He makes sure to develop new strategies to improve the overall quality of the services that we provide. To offer the best quality service, the general manager calls a frequent meeting with the production manager so that we can provide the ultimate quality service to the clients. Direction to all the employees also falls into general manager of CPO Experts. He directly addresses customer worries and solves them professionally in case it needs. 



anupSEO & Software Engineer: Anup Roy: leads the Software Development function and digital marketing strategies at CPO Experts. A dedicated member of the Clipping Path Outsource since 2012. He has performed a principal role in developing websites, plugin, components, digital marketing, and search engine optimization strategies. His involvement in SEO, digital marketing leads Clipping Path Outsource to the top position in the image processing industry. .

He is also committed to all digital marketing, product development. He has broad knowledge in global businesses & holds substantial professional experience consolidated with excellent marketing & product development skills. He has also expended his perspective, build his skills in plenty of proficiency, such as HCI, UX/UI Design, Virtual Reality(VR). Participating Google I/O Extended on 06-06-16 Google Developer Group (GDG) Bangla made him even more demanding. In particular, he trained Top-up IT (G-044963) conducted by Ernst & Young LLP, India, under Leveraging for Growth, Employment Governance (LICT) project of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC), ICT division. Goerge Washington University, USA certify the program. Mr. Anup Roy achieved graduation in Computer Science & Engineering from Stamford University Bangladesh, Dhaka.  



ParitoshDirector - SEO: Engg. Paritosh Roy: lead the Business Development and digital marketing strategies at CPO Experts. A dedicated director of the Clipping Path Outsource since 2012. His involvement in SEO, digital marketing leads Clipping Path Outsource to the top position in the image processing industry. He is also committed to marketing strategies, product development. He has broad knowledge in global businesses & holds professional experience consolidated with excellent marketing.

Mr. Paritosh achieved B.Sc in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from University of Asia Pacific, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Although he studied engineering, his passion was being a digital marketing analyst and business development person. Connecting the e-commerce business to the photo/image editing industry is one of his tasks. Making the website engaging to the customer, continually bringing new elements to the site, analyzing customer needs to provide better services.