Clipping Path Tutorial

Clipping Path is necessary when you want to remove photos or images object (e.g. background) and keep the subject of that file for using in another background. Doing clipping path around the subject (e.g. an image) and get rid of the background is not a very complex task for most of the Photoshop experts. But doing absolute clipping path is a matter of practice of the Pen Tool in Photoshop. So, we say the more you practice Pen Tool, the more you can improve the quality of accuracy on clipping path task.

This clipping path tutorial will help you to understand the very basic method how to do clipping path in Photoshop (All Photoshop version has almost the same functionality so you can use any of the Photoshop version).

I hope you installed the Photoshop software on your computer. If not then download the Photoshop software and install.

Once the Photoshop software runs successfully, Open the image you want to do Clipping Path.

Clippig Path Tutorial 01

Opening a file is a similar process like other software. Click to file menu and select open. You will get a dialogue box. Now, you have to choose the image you want to open. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file directly into Photoshop.

Clippig Path Tutorial 02

Once you click the open button, the image will open in Photoshop. Loading the file in Photoshop will take a while if your system has less RAM or the file size is higher than 1GB. From our experience, Photoshop CS version requires at least 2GB of RAM so make sure that you have the sufficient space before opening a big file. A file may not open in Photoshop or may not save after the clipping path due to the insufficient configuration.

In this tutorial, I have opened a .jpeg file see the below screenshot. Now, go to Window menu to Paths. A Path layer window will pop up. Keep the Path layer window visible on the right-hand side of the monitor so that you can see working clipping path there.

Clippig Path Tutorial 03

By default, you will see a toolbox on the left-hand side. Or you can select the toolbox from Window menu to Tools. Now you need to click to the Pen Tool from the toolkit. The mouse pointer will look like a pen after selecting pen tool if not then you have to consider the above Pen Tool selection procedure.

Well, you can draw a path around the edge of the image. An anchor point will be created by clicking on the brink of the picture. From that point, you click another adjacent edge and keep drawing till clipping path arises to the initial point and join it.

Clippig Path Tutorial 04

Now select the Path layers window and make the working path to clipping path. Here you need to double click on the Path layer then a small window appears as Save Path and name Path 1. Finally, click the ok button and save it as Path 1. You can change the path name and use your desired clipping path name.

Clippig Path Tutorial 05

Or watch the video tutorial. We provide clipping path service if you need then Contact Us.

Best of luck with our basic Photoshop Clipping tutorial.