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Which Operating System is Best for Adobe Photoshop?


Photo Editing is an essential service for a photographer. A great picture needs a great photographer, and a great photographer needs sufficient equipment. But that's not all, to make the picture stunning photo editing is a must. Photo editing is a very resource-hungry job, and It puts much pressure on the system and hardware.

Here we discussed mainly three types of Operating System (OS)

  • Microsoft Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • Many operating systems exist in the computer world. Each one of them has its benefits and demerits. Among all operating systems, three of the most popular one are Windows, Mac OS and Linux. All three of them comes with different hardware and software setup and has three different market place. You can edit photos in all three of them.

    Microsoft Windows

    Microsoft Windows is the best and most popular among the PC users because of its user-friendly UI. Windows is not a free OS, but it is a lot cheaper than Mac OS. Also, windows market place is full of photo editing software. It is easy to upgrade your windows PC than Apple. All most 100% of the computer shop has Windows PC product, and it is affordable for most of the user even for low budget people. The best photo editing software, which is Adobe Photoshop, is specially made for windows PC. The most important thing is that windows have a straightforward UI, so even if you are a newbie, you can still use windows like a pro in one or two days. Thus if you want to side with Windows, you won't be making a fault. But organising a Windows PC is rather complicated than Mac OS. Also, memory management in Windows is not proper. The primary system uses many resources. That is why the battery reliability for Windows Laptop is poor.

    It is 100% right that windows not free but you can still use the free version of windows without any problem. Same goes for the Adobe Photoshop. You can buy a licence for premium features, but you can still use the free version easily. From any point of view, the simplicity of UI, the affordability, the easily upgradable machinery, 100% support of Adobe Photoshop make windows the best choice among all the famous operating exists in the market. 

              • Affordable Price.
              • Huge Availability.
              • Easily Upgradeable.
              • User-friendly UI.
              • Free version works just fine.
              • Bad memory management.
              • Poor Battery optimization.

    Mac OS

    If we looked back ten years ago, you would be amazed at how good the Mac OS is. But in recent years they are not performing up to the marks. When they shift to Intel processors, these changes started to happen. Apple hardware was a bit rugged than Intel hardware. That's why the chance of system failure was low. Intel processor takes more resources for the system itself than Apple hardware. It makes the whole system slow, so naturally, some apps take a long time to open. Not only Adobe Photoshop but also software like Safari or iWorks programs. But on the other hand, Apple is still impressive because of the creative apps exist in the Apple store that doesn't exist in different platforms.

    As already mentioned above, Apple hardware used to be very good. It had an excellent feature of memory optimization, which target only the program that we need daily. That's why it got the nickname of the lightning-fast OS. But for some years the company changed a lot. Some of their core programs have become monstrous like iTunes. It takes forever to start the program. A fantastic thing to notice is sophisticated software like Adobe Photoshop works much faster than simple system programs like Safari.

    The hardware Apple is providing is less stable than the previous ones. But it doesn't mean Mac has lost its proficiency as an OS. Mac still has some qualities that make it one of the top three operating systems. The security system of Mac is the best that existed in the computing world. That is why it hard for Mac OS to get infected with the virus and challenging to hack. There are rumours that even the Mac creators can't hack Mac. The battery reliability of Mac is excellent. The interconnected ecosystem of Apple hardware is another unique ability of Apple hardware, and it makes all the syncing a lot faster. The UI and UX of Mac are beautiful and looks premium both form inside and outside. But Mac is pretty expensive for people with low budget. Nothing is free in Mac along with the machine itself is damn pricey. 

              • Premium UI.
              • Good Memory Management.
              • Awesome battery Optimization.
              • Fast Application Boot-up.
              • Costs a lot.
              • Not upgradeable (Hardware).
              • Limited free application to use.


    As for Linux, it is also a good OS which is 100% free. Because of open availability, it has many distros. Linux has more than 600 distros among them 500 are actively running. Different people have different choices, but the most popular one is Ubuntu. It has many drivers that help reach the full potential of your hardware. It also has a graphical interface which is easy to use which most of the Linux distros lacks. More over all the office programmes and browser has pre-installed in the OS. But the main problem of Linux is it doesn't support Adobe Photoshop without a virtual machine or an emulator. You can only install Photoshop using wine or a virtual machine but does not work accurately. The most used program of Linux is Gimp and InkSpace because it has a lot of features similar to Photoshop. But working in Gimp is very difficult, especially for masking and cropping. Those are pretty smooth and sensitive in Photoshop than in Gimp. Other programs are also horrible. They automatically put a brownish effect on the image that is hard to remove. Even the HDR program can't satisfy your need.

    Linux is an excellent and fast operating system. On top of that, Linux is 100% free. You can even customise the operating system as per your own need. But Linux runs on a command-line interface. There is Ubuntu which has useful graphical UI but still not enough. So if you are not into development don't bother using Linux because It will only get worse because you have to learn how to use command-line interface continually. Another problem with Linux is the lack of good photo editing software. Gimp is a good alternative of Photoshop, but still, it lacks in many ways. The main problem is that it will distort the PSD file. The tools of Photoshop are not correctly decorated. So the experience rate of those tools is pretty low. Gimp doesn't qualify for industry use or professional or commercial graphic design. But Gimp has its benefits too. Like Linux Gimp is 100% free and very lightweight. 

              • Customisable OS.
              • Very fast boot-up time.
              • Full free.
              • Very Lightweight.
              • Don't support Photoshop without emulator.
              • Use Command-line interface.


    All three OS have their merits and demerits. Regarding your budget and situation, you can go with any one of them. First, if you have no budget for software and want to edit photos for personal use, then use Linux. Second, If you have a moderate budget and don't need to travel with your machine, then use Windows desktop with custom hardware build. And lastly, if you into big-budget go for Mac OS. For a laptop, it is better to buy a Mac OS even if it cost a little because it will help you in the long run and provide many more feature than windows or Linux. But for best Beast mode build go for Windows Desktop.

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