Unemployment Overview

Joblessness has a significant impact on the modern world. Unemployment creates when people search for a job to make money and change their current situation, but they do not get any work. Day by day, the unemployment rate is rising high, and it appears a bad condition in modern civilisation.

The term "unemployment" comes from where people are seeking for a job variously and the problem creates when they do not get any opportunity of work. The situation creates a lack of opportunity for their desired employment. Everyone should deserve work about their capability. Even though sometimes they do not get enough payment, on the other hand, if the unemployment rate is high, firstly, it will be threatened for us. Because people need money every day to fulfil their daily basic needs. When they cannot, they are forced to commit immoral work such as snatching, drug addiction, and violence activity and so on.

The world is continuously changing and the population is increasing that creates globalisation problem, which indicates a serious social and economic issue that results in an impact on everything. Secondly, joblessness causes huge losses in economic development. I believe that the better the country's labour market, the better the economic condition of the country. In my point of view, sometimes the youth pursue that they want to leave their country to get a better job opportunity. After World War II the world economy is changing very rapidly in order to the first-class country as like USA, Germany, UK, and Australia because employment is high in those countries.

Overall to reduce the unemployment problem, the government should take a step on skill development for the industry and creates more work opportunity. Government and private company, NGOs come forward to giving loan assistance so that this will create new entrepreneur and employment. 

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

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