Photoshop Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Service

What is Clipping Path?

Clipping path is a process of Photoshop software that is used to drop out the background of images from its background using Photoshop Pen Tool. In Photoshop, there are some tools for removing the background and keep the image such as the magic tool, but the result of eliminating background is not precise whereas Pen tool provides an accurate clipping path to cut out the image and applied a different kind of background colour in terms of the client’s aspect. The clipping path is also called a vector path. Clipping path is done by Pen tool around the edge of the image. When the clipping path is applied in the picture, outside of the clipping path can be omitted, and the inside of the clipping path included. The clipping path is used for both sharp edge and hard edge images with giving feathers in clipping path.

Why Multi Clipping Path needed?

For some reasons, we need to change the particular colour of an image, but it usually cannot be possible to change the colour part by part. The Multi Clipping Path service provides an excellent possibility to adjust each colour part by piece, drawing Clipping Path around each colour in an image.

What are the reasons for doing Clipping Path?

  • Clip the image by doing clipping and modify the background in a different colour.
  • When images need cut out from their background, Photoshop Clipping Path service is used because of accuracy cut out in the edge area of images.
  • Clipping Path is also used to make a sharp edge of the picture.
  • Colour correction for an image using Multi clipping path.

Who needs the clipping path service?

Clipping Path service is needed for those who are closely working with publications. For instance, these are printing industry, printing press, graphic design house, magazine design, web design, and development company, photo publication industry, online product shop, advertising agency, photographer, newspaper and individuals need.

How is the clipping path done at Clipping Path Outsource?

We open the provided image in Photoshop and select Pen Tool. Draw the clipping path around the edge of the image and choose the working path to the clipping path. Now we can take out the image by selecting clipping paths and put the image in different background colours. Also, depending on the image sharp we put feather around the image if it is required from clients. Afterwards, this cutting background image can be used in different image editing software such as In-design, Illustrator, etc. When the image is placed in In-design, then the only image will show there, since the background was already omitted. We assure 100% hand made clipping path using the Photoshop Pen tool to provide the best Clipping Path Service.

Working procedure of clipping path at Clipping Path Outsource:

Firstly, Designer does the clipping path of the images and send to team-leader, who is responsible for controlling production. Team leader reviews the clipping path quality, whether any initial correction needed for the photo or not. Afterwards, the completed clipping path image goes to the quality controller to check-in details. When quality controller reviews the quality of clipping path of that image and finds any major corrections need, then they immediately call to the designer to show them how clipping path should be there to make them more experts in clipping path and maintain the quality. Eventually, the completed images, go to the man who dedicates to transferring files to individual clients account in our server. These men recheck the picture quality, the size, clipping path, quality of clipping path, how many images client send and how many images are done, and so forth, finally, they upload files.

Three experts check one job, so we guarantee the best clipping path service. How? It is easy to say because who are working with Clipping Path Outsource Company, they have already been experienced for almost one decade in various outsourcing Clipping Path Company and finally, we get together and established this Clipping Path Outsource. So, there is no doubt for the best clipping path service as well as photo editing services.

Clipping path to white background sample:

Clipping Path Service 01

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