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CLIPPING PATH OUTSOURCE is a unique offshore clipping path, image masking, image manipulation, shading, mirror effecting, retouching, and raster to vector service provider and serves by incredibly very low cost.

Clipping Path Outsource provides free trial up to two images that derives guarantee and satisfaction to the client before the real job. Client needs fast turnaround delivery, low cost, quick support, immediate correction or modification for their images. And Clipping Path Outsource is promised with these in terms of making good business relationship for longer by providing all kinds of image manipulation services.

Facilities we offer:

  • Get a quotation within one hour
  • First turnaround with satisfaction guarantee
  • Cheap cost guarantee than other competitors
  • No need to pay until your job is ready
  • Quality control checked thrice
  • 24 hours customer email support
  • All types of photo/image processing services
  • Easy and Flexible registration process
  • Easy Quotation/order
/file transfer systems

Price we offer:

It is our great honour that we people in Bangladesh can offer very cheapest cost service due to the region we are living. In Bangladesh, labour cost is very low comparatively European Countries and that is one of the good reasons for you to outsource. Our Price starts at  $0.35 USD each image (basic image) for clipping path to dropout background and provide quotation within 1-2 hours. Do you need quotation? Or Free Trial?

Chat in Skype ID: clippingpathoutsource

  • Clipping path for cut out the image.
  • Clipping path for making the background white.
  • Clipping path active.
  • Clipping Path off with original background.
  • Multi clipping path for each colour of the image.
  • Image masking into white background.
  • Image masking into transparent background.
  • Model masking for different background.
  • Model masking for multi background colour.
  • Image with soft mask.
  • Image masking with layer mask in single layer.
  • Image masking with layer mask in multi layer.
  • Old image to vector conversion.
  • Low resolution to possible high resolution.
  • Image masking with channel mask.
  • Image masking with alpha channel.
  • Image Conversion raw to website format.
  • Neck joint for clothing items.
  • Hair masking for model image.
  • Silo/Silhouette for furniture images.
  • Sport retouching for beautiful models.
  • Dust removal for all kinds of images.
  • Color contrast and color balance.
  • Image for website optimisation.
  • Creating real shadow for the products.
  • Natural drop shadow for the models.
  • Creating mirror effect under the images.
  • All kind of possible image editing service.

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Categories of our client

As well as we know there are no fixed categories of clients in the filed of this offshore outsourcing service. But from our years of experience we have assumed that there might be two types of clients, who are usually taking advantages of offshore outsourcing for clipping path to isolate background of their images, or image editing for their large companies and individual needs. We provide service for those companies are closely related with working for photographic, graphic design, newspaper design, magazine design, advertisement, billboard design, web design, online shopping, and catalogue design.

Services & Features:

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