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Photoshop CS3 Clipping Path Tutorial:


Learn how to do Clipping Path?

Clipping Path is needed when you want to remove photo or image background and keep the subject of that files for using the photo or image in another background for your needs. Doing clipping path around the image and removal background is not a very complex task for most of the Photoshop experts but accurate clipping path reply on how much time you practice Pen Tool to do clipping path. So, we say the more you practice Pen tool the more you can do accurate clipping path. 

Now I am giving the basic steps how to do clipping path in Photoshop CS3.

          Run Photoshop CS3 software in your computer.

     Once the Photoshop CS3 software run successfully, Open the image you want to do Clipping Path.


To open a file you have to go file menu and select open then you see a dialogue box (from here you have to select the image you want to open) Or you can drag and drop the file into Photoshop.

Once you click the open button the image will open in your Photoshop software. To open the image in Photoshop may take sometimes depending on the file size you are going to open (e.g. if you open .jpeg file it may takes few seconds but if you open .psd with 1 or 2GB file size it may take some minutes so you have to be patience during the file is being opened into Photoshop). If you want to use Photoshop CS3 then the minimum 2GB RAM you are required so before opening big file size please make sure you have that configuration in your computer otherwise the file may not open after waiting some minutes or once you are working with the big size file it may not be saved.

Here I have opened a .jpeg file you can see in the next below screen. Now you have to go to Window menu and select Paths.

When you select paths a path layer window will show in your monitor so you please keep the window in right hand side so that you can see the working path there. This layer is only for clipping path.

You see in the left hand side there is a tool box where can see many tools for working with Photoshop image editing. If you don’t see the tool box in left hand side then you should go to Window menu and select Tools as like as you have selected for Paths layer. Now the tool box in left hand side and you select the Pen Tool.

Pen tool is selected and you see the mouse pointer looks like pen so when you click on the edge of image a anchor point you can get and from that point please click besides edge of image and round the path around the image shape. Finally you come to the first anchor point and joint the working clipping path.

Once clipping path is done go to path layers and you can see the path is as working path and you need to make this working path to clipping path. Ok then, please double click on the working path layer and you see a small box comes as Save Path and name Path 1 by default just click ok and then the path is save as Path 1. You can change the path name whatever you want so it is your wish what clipping path name you will use. Generally we save Path 1 but when client request to give another name then we give the provided name.

Now if you want to remove the entire background and put white background on the image please follow the below steps. Select the path 1 and press Command+click for mac (Control+Click for Windows) to Path 1 and it is selected, you can see the path is moving around the image.

Now select layer+new+layer via copy as the below screen.


 And then you see the image in second transparent background layer.

To add white background please select white colour in a third layer. To select white colour choose set the background color from tools pallet. Set background color box you can use many colours for your background.


Finally save the image. Go to File menu and select save option.


Here you will see file format. Please select your desire file format. Here you have selected JPEG format.

Once you save the file you will see another dialog box.

Click ok to save the file. This dialogue box indicates the quality of image you want to save.

If  you want photoshop clipping path service or our photoshop image processing services please feel free to contact with us.

Good luck with Clipping Path Tutorial.


Photoshop CS3 Image Masking Tutorial: 

Learn How to Image Masking:

Masking is used to remove background especially for hair, fur etc. there is several masking method to take out background in Photoshop. Here I will show one of the many ways. We have shown how to run Photoshop in computer at Clipping Path tutorial. Now you are going to open an image directly Photoshop. Go to file menu and select open.

Clipping path and masking is used for the same purpose but the difference between clipping path and masking is quite important. Clipping Path is contoured around the hard edge of the images and masking is used where clipping path outlining in every portion is not possible. Therefore, we do mask for hair, wool, coat, fleece fur images.

Today, we are going to show how to mask for a model. So, please follow the steps:

Initially, We have to do clipping path around the body and dark hair area where no background is shown through hair body. After that make a copy of original background layer so that main image will be untouched. For doing this select the original background image and go to layer palette in the second right site icon and click. Another duplicate layer will create. See screenshots please. 


Once you did it. Select the path and inverse the selection and then you will see both path area and the border are selected. Now you need to click on Eyedropper tool or you can select it by pressing control or command+I from keyboard. Select the background area, which you want to remove and then choose eraser tool in the second option of eraser palette. And now you should click on the selection area and drag every corner. Once easing is finished the final image will look like.

Here you can see transparent background because two layers are currently off. Now you can add different colour background what you want. See the below image.

Finally, you can save the image as in transparent background in order to use different colour background later.

Here we have tried to show you one masking method among many possible methods. Presently we can use some masking components with Photoshop software, and they are almost good but for the best quality removal background, Photoshop technique is perfect.

If you have any question regarding our image masking and other clipping mask, image retouching, image manipulation, image editing, shading, mirror effect and vector conversion, please contact with us.

Good Luck with image masking Tutorial



Photoshop CS3 Image Retouching Tutorial: 


 Open the image in Photoshop CS3. If you don’t know how to open file in Photoshop, please refer to our clipping path tutorial and learn how to open file in Photoshop CS3. Here we are using a model face to remove sports, brightness, and chain on teeth.



Now create a layer. To create layer please click on the last second icon in the below layer palette. We will retouch on the second transparent layer so that the original image will be untouched and we can compare how the retouching is going on.

On the same way please create another layer for brightness retouch. Here one thing we would like to mention that if you retouch on the original image there will not be a big problem if you are experienced with the skin touch up process but for the beginner we recommended to use different layer so that you can redo only the retouching part you have done.

Now go to tool palette and select Clone Stamp Tool. It is one of the best tool among other tools in Photoshop. Clone Stamp Tool is selected and now press alt and click on the skin nearest the sport area you want to move out from skin after that press off the alt option and click one on the spot portion and drag the mouse entire spots area. And you can see the spot away out from the skin.

Before retouching the image you are required to select other options. You need to observe the image quality where you are going to retouch and then give opacity of the tools you are going to use. Please see the screenshot for better understand the opacity option. In addition, if you want to use softness with your Clone Stamp Tool please click right button on our muse and one dialog box will come. Here you can increase decrease hardness of the tools.

Please see the screenshot of this dialog box. From our experience we would request you not to use too much hardness or softness on your Clone Stamp Tool. It is better if you increase and decrease sharpness and test it on the image whether the skin tone and clone stamp tool’s sharpness is adjusted or not.

You can also increase decrease the tool size. We suggest to take the clone stamp tool size a slight bigger then spot area. Finally the image will look like the screenshot.

Now we will clean up the brightness following the same retouching procedure. Eventually you have completed image retouching tutorial and save the image in .psd format. If you save it .psd with layer then you can modify the retouching parts letter.

We hope you enjoy with our retouching tutorial. If you want retouching service from us please don’t delay to contact with us. We are open 24 hours, so your wish when you want to communicate with us.

Best of Luck!




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