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Photo, Image Masking Service

Image masking is a process of removing background of image using Photoshop software. There are several types of techniques of doing masking in order to take out the image from its own background and place in different background.

Clipping Path is also used to remove background of an image from its original background and use them in other backgrounds where clientele want. Similarly, Photoshop masking technique is used to omit the background and leave the image as like as it is in different background.

At Clipping Path Outsource, both clipping path and image masking is being used for remove background and leave the image. Although these techniques of removing background seems similar but image masking carries more importance especially for hair or fur of the model images.

When a model is photographed in gray background and publisher of this model advertisement needs only the model placed in different background instead of grey background, in this case image masking is essential since only Photoshop image masking procedure can give 100% perfect result to isolated the background.

So far we know clipping path is also used to omit background but this removal methodology is not sufficient to take every hair, wool, fur, fleece etc. Here Photoshop Masking technique is only one good process to take hair, fur in details. That is why Image masking is one of the most important tasks in image editing services we provide.

Image masking process is not an easy fact that every graphic designer can do it without ample knowledge about image masking. Only those graphic designers are able to do masking perfectly who has years of experience in Photoshop software as well as doing mask. Fortunately, we are very proud that we have expert professional graphic designer who has been doing masking for 10 years at least so they are expert in this field. That is why it brings world-class background removal service and in feedback we are receiving thanks gift from most of our clients. And this free gift inspire to us to give best effort for image masking in future where quantity is increasing.

We are providing several types of image editing services; these are clipping path service, image masking service, image manipulation service, image retouching service, image shading service, and raster to vector service. Among them image masking service is one of the complex task which we are providing with best result. And many type of publishing companies are getting benefit to make their brochure design, magazine design or leaflet design.

Finally if you need image masking service then don’t delay to chat with our representative or send an email to get the benefit from us.

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