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FTP uploader downloader

If you have large size image(s) then you can use FTP (File Transfer Protocol). It is one of the best way and reliable process to transfer files, folders, without any limitation. So we suggest to use FTP client software.

There are many popular FTP client software you can get on the Internet. And you don’t need to pay for most of them.

Some FTP client software Link: 

Who can use FTP:

You can use FTP client software when you are registered with us. 

FTP Usability process:

  • Download FTP client software from one of the above download link and install on your computer. We prefer FileZilla because it is more flexible to use.
  • Registered with us, Send an email to us for FTP login details.

Administrator site: After receiving your request, we will create FTP account manually and send you the FTP login details. 

FTP login details:

Remember: To get FTP login details you need to register with us then we are able to send you FTP login info. The information should be look like:

FTP Host:

FTP username: your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FTP Password: what we will provide you.


If you still in problem with connecting FTP then please contact us or see our FTP tutorials. In addition, you can also look after their individual documentation how to use FTP. 





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