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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do as a new client?

Well, the most and important think is, you have to register with us. After that please login using your username and password. There you will see web uploading option and please upload your images and Request for Quote. We will contact you with further information once the quotation request is received from you. 

What should I do as a regular client?

Well, Sign-in into your account and place for quote or order directly.

May I apply for free trial?

Yes, you can apply for free trial to judge our quality of work and support as well by sending up to two images.

What is the turnaround procedure?

It is hard to say because turnaround time will depend on the quantity and complexity of your images. However, We try to finish all the jobs in 24 hours. But if you send more than thousands of images then the time frame will increase. As an example if you send 4-5 hundreds image we will return the completed images in 24 hours for clipping path with medium complexity.

What type of file format do you prefer to work?

There is no specific file format we need to work with. If Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator support the file format then it is workable. But we prefer .JPEG .PSD .TIFF for Photoshop and .AI .EPS PDF for Illustrator. We also request for sending .jpeg file because it is less file size than other file formats while the quality almost similar. Though it is your wish which file format you require.

What will be the returning file format?

The completed file format depends on your needs. You can send almost all types of file format and request for one or more specific file format. For example you send files as jpeg and you need clipping path to remove background and make the background pure white so here we can save them in .jpeg with white background. Similarly, you can send other type of formats and ask us what format you demand. Here are some examples of returning formats. 

  •          .jpeg with clipping path

  •          .jpeg with clipping path and white background

  •          .jpeg with clipping path and original background

  •          .jpeg with white background web format

  •          .png with transparent backgournd

  •          .png with web format

  •          .gif with web format

  •          .psd with clipping path

  •          .psd with transparent layer

  •          .psd with second layers

  •          .psd with multiple layers

  •          .psd with channel mask

  •          .psd with layer mask

  •          .tif with clipping path

  •          .tif with transparent background

  •          .tif with layer mask

  •          .tif with multiple layers

  •          .ai with raster to vector conversion format

  •          .eps with vector conversion format etc.

How can I transfer my files?

We are currently using two methods for uploading and downloading files from their individual accounts in our server.

 a.   Web uploader, using this method you will be able to download/upload files after sign in via web and    don’t need to set up another FTP software. You can send unlimited files with unlimited size.

 b.   FTP clients software, using this method you will be able to download/ upload files unlimited and it’s really very easier, faster and flexible to use. Here we prefer Fileliza FTP clients. 

To learn more please visit our FTP tutorial…

In addition, we also accept third parities downloading/uploading option, that means if you have files in your server like (dropbox) and you shared the link with us, we will download them and upload your server. 

Is your FTP server secure and protected?

Absolutely yes, our FTP server is secure and protected enough. Every user has different user name and password for their individual account so no one can access your FTP account. 

Do you guarantee that my images are safe and secure?

Obviously, yes. We are bound to keep your images secure and safe. We don’t sale your images to third party so you don’t need to worry. On the other hand, our computer is secured by highly protect anti-virus. 

Is there any maximum file size I can upload each day?

There is no limitation for upload download files for everyday. We are using a server that carries unlimited space. As a result your account carries unlimited space as well. You can upload thousands of images via FTP because it is hassle free. Using web uploader you can also use the same but for each file you can not upload more than 64mb file. 

How many images should I send for one order?

You can send thousands of images for one order and even 1 image. We of-course appreciate your business and needs. 

How do you assure best quality and low cost service? 

Our team is doing the same clipping path, image masking, image shading, image retouching, image manipulation, image reflection and raster to vector conversion more than decades so it can be said that we are able to provide best quality. Bangladesh is low labor cost region so we can provide low cost service with best quality. 

What happens if I am not satisfied with finished job?

First of all, Clipping Path Outsource assure the best quality clipping path and other image manipulation services since the professional designer has already experienced more than decades so there is no way to fault. Even though, if you find problem with your files or requirements you expected in that case we request to let us know and we’ll take immediate correction without extra fee.

What is your payment system?

We request to pay when one job is done successfully. When you will become our regular client and you don’t want to pay every time after one job is completed then we can make a deal to pay either weekly or monthly basis. That will depend on your choice. 

What is your payment methodology?

We accept Paypal, 2checkout, Moneybokers, Credit/Debit cards. We also accept bank transfer to our Bangladesh bank account.

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